Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Exam Results - FOI, Recheck, Appeal Process

You are entitled to view your exam script under Freedom of Information.

To request to view a script please email soc-admin@dit.ie stating the programme code and module name of the script you wish to view. A time will be arranged.

If you are unhappy with your result, first of all you should request to view your script. If you are still unhappy you can do the following

  • request a re-check - your script will be re-totaled to check that all marks given have been included in the total
  • request a re-mark - your script will be marked again from scratch
  • appeal a result - if you feel you have grounds as listed on the appeals form that were not considered or not available to the board you can appeal the result. Please check the appeal form carefully for grounds and possible outcomes.
The steps are 1) view script 2) request recheck 3) request remark 4) appeal

All forms required are available at


Please Note: There is a time limit which applies to when you can or can't initiate this process. If you apply outside the time limit your request will not be granted. This time limit is detailed on the forms at the link above.