Monday, 23 November 2015

Option Module Selection for Full time Students

**This post is relevant for full time students only**

Option module selection for semester 2 for full time students is now available.

Please make sure you choose
(i)  modules that run at different times,
(ii) modules that are not core to your stream,
(ii) modules that add up to 10 ECTS

Note that:
(i) some have limited spaces available - so first come/first served,
(ii) some are dependent on numbers so may not run unless there is adequate interest. 
If you choose one that is dependent on numbers, please indicate a second choice if it doesn't run.

Module specifications for all modules are available in the Module Catalogue which is available on the links to the left of this post.

Please indicate any queries you have on the form.  You will be responded to by email.