Saturday, 26 March 2016

Invited Industrial Talks - Mobile Device Forensics Module

To all students,

The following industrial speakers have agreed to come to along and give a talk during the lecture. They will all cover different apsects of Mobile Device Forensics and Forensics in general. They will discuss where the Forensics/Mobile Device Forensics is going and the Forensics job market in Ireland and Worldwide. The details of their talks will be given soon. We will talks from the following companies:
1. Damir Kahvedzic - Technical Team Lead - (5th April 2016)
2. Owen O'Connor - Director of Forensics Sales Force - (19th April 2016)
3. Do Carmo Pinto, Camilo - Director of Forensics Deloitte Ireland - (29/April/2016)

I trust you will find time to attend.