Monday, 4 April 2016

Invited Talk to the School of Computing - DIT (MSc Security and Forensics)

Hi all,

You are invited to attend a talk by Damir KahvedzicTechnical Team Lead, Espion Group, on the 5th April 2016, from 6:00 - 7:00 pm in Aungier Street, room 1-005.

All students are invited to attend.

The outline of his presentation is as follows:
  1. Theory of Mobile Phone Forensics
  2. Forensic Procedures, Frameworks and Guidelines
  3. The process
  4. Getting the Data
  5. Acquiring the Data
  6. Analysing the Data

Damir will use the recent Apple vs FBI case as an example throughout the talk. The talk will focus on iPhone forensics and only touch upon Android.

“Damir holds a PhD in Digital Forensics and an Honours BSc in Computer Science both from UCD. Damir has been a member of Espion’s Forensics and eDiscovery team since 2011 and has provided support in some of the largest eDiscovery & Digital Forensic cases within Ireland.
He is a certified Symantec eDiscovery Technical Specialist and has extensive experience of eDiscovery following the EDRM requirements, including identification, collection, processing and production of documents. He has worked extensively on forensic projects involving large law firms and has led and managed eDiscovery and Digital Forensic projects for Ireland’s governmental agencies and other financial institutions.

Damir runs forensic training courses within Espion and has conducted knowledge transfer presentations with numerous European institutions with particular focus on Mobile Phone Forensics and Predictive Coding Analysis. Damir has extensive knowledge and expertise in digital forensics concepts, tools and related matters and has previously conducted original research focusing on evidence collection and reuse from, amongst other sources, the Windows registry and the files system”